About us

About the company
Geovita Hotels and Dream Centres exist on the Polish market since January 1997 and since 2004 Geovita is an independent company separated from the Polish Oil and Gas Company under the name Geovita S.A.

Geovita is a network of 14 modern hotels as well as leisure and conference centres. They are situated in picturesque villages in the mountains (Jugowice, Lądek Zdrój, Wisła, Zakopane, Złockie, Krynica-Zdrój) and by the sea (Dąbki Dźwirzyno, Mrzeżyno). Near Piła there is a centre in Płotki, and in the heart of the Poland a centre in Jadwisin. Since January 2010, Geovita manages a municipal Orient Hotel **** located in Kraków, since October 2011 it manages Perła Bieszczadów Hotel *** in Czarna near Ustrzyki Dolne and Bukowy Dworek Hotel**** in Gronów near Łagów Lubuski. Geovita offers more than 1,700 beds. We offer a wide range of services in the following areas:
• organization and service of training sessions, seminars and conferences,
• Wellness and SPA
• rehabilitation camps,
• holidays for children and adolescents.

Geovita Hotels and Dream Centres have been awarded with a Promotional Emblem POLSKA NOW. It is worth mentioning that the company is the only winner of the 2009 competition, in the category of hotel and catering services. Geovita is not resting on its laurels. In July 2010, a new centre was opened in Dźwirzyno. The property has been developed and at the moment it provides our guests with even more comfortable conditions. In November 2010 and again in 2011, Geovita won the European Medal for hotel – catering services. The Medal is awarded only to products and services which meet European standards.

The Board of Directors consists of:
The President  – Marcin Chlewicki and the Member of the Management Board – Arkadiusz Sułek.
Share capital: 102 176 575 PLN.
We are a constantly growing company, we systematically invest in our facilities in order to improve the standard and quality of service, we organize trainings for workers and we expand the range of services for our customers.

Since 2006 we began a series of training courses funded by the European Social Fund – Human Resources Development Programme ‘Geovita greets guests’ which puts particular emphasis on professional customer service.
To meet the demands of the market and the competitors as well as our customers’ needs, since 2004 Geovita has conducted a number of investment projects e.g.:
• construction of Zalipiańska Inn in Training and Conference Centre Geovita Jadwisin,
• building a professional SPA Health Center, in Geovita Krynica-Zdrój,
• launching a modern wellness Base in Geovita Conference Center Jugowice,
• modernization of hotel rooms in the Health Centre Geovita Złockie,
• expansion of the Health Centre Geovita Dąbki and launching a professional Marine SPA & Wellness Institute,
• construction of recreational facilities and modernization of hotel rooms in the Hotel & Conference Centre Geovita Wisła
• construction of the Grill Hut in Geovita Conference Centre  Wisła
• extension of the dining room and a conference room in Geovita Złockie Health Centre,
• expansion of the conference room, swimming pool and rooms at the Centre for Health, Beauty and Recreation in Dźwirzyno.