Sum up expenses, get discounts, receive vouchers

Sum up expenses, quickly get higher discounts, give your friend a card with a fixed discount, receive vouchers – these are some of the innovations that Geovita prepared for our regular and loyal customers. Find out how our new ‘Geovita Bravo’ Discount System will allow you to rest better, cheaper and nicer in our centers throughout the country.

Key benefits for Geovita Customers

Gold ‘Geovita Bravo’ Card can be used by the customer and the next of kin. The starting discount on this card is 3% and will be increasing (for spending 5000 PLN, you will get a 5% discount;  for spending 7000 PLN – 7%). All expenses on the Gold Card sum up, so the total discount will depend on exceeding a Discount Threshold
– The Second Geovita Bravo BIS Card has a fixed discount of 3% – expenses on the Card do not sum up with the spending on the main Geovita Bravo Card
– The discount on ‘Geovita Bravo’ and ‘BIS’ Cards in the amount of 3% is given to the customer from the next stay in our Hotels and Centres,
– A customer receives a voucher for 25 PLN, which can be used during the next stay, while spending 100 PLN at the minimum.

Regulation of ‘Geovita Bravo’ Discount System for Geovita Hotels and Geovita Dream Centres
1 Cards in ‘Geovita Bravo’ Discount System are introduced in order to promote regular and loyal guests of Geovita S.A. with its registered office in Warsaw at Barska 28/30, KRS No 0000425914 (hereinafter referred to as Geovita ).

2 ‘Geovita Bravo’ Discount System applies to individual guests. ‘Geovita Bravo’ Discount Cards may be awarded to persons who are 18 years old and over.

3 The right to join the ‘Geovita Bravo’ Discount System has any guest who has expressed such willingness and has filled a questionnaire/registration form . After completing the form, the guest receives the following documents from Centre/Hotel reception:

– a set of cards (‘Geovita Bravo’ and ‘Geovita Bravo BIS’ ) with a 3 % discount to make use of on subsequent stays in Geovita .
– a voucher with a value of 25 PLN to use for additional services during the next stay in Geovita (can be used in cafe, bar, spa , restaurant etc.), when the total expenditure amounts to a minimum of 100 PLN (gross).
The regulation of the discount system is on the back of the form, which is an integral part of that programme

4 The ‘Geovita Bravo’ Card and ‘Geovita Bravo BIS’ Card entitle to discount for tourist services (accommodation, food, services of treatment base, SPA, spendings at the bar and cafe – taken as room service, and other services available in Geovita) directly purchased in Geovita Sales and Marketing Office in Warsaw or in Geovita Centres/Hotels or by booking made online from www.geovita.pl . The discount does not include services purchased from intermediaries (Internet platforms, travel agencies, sales agents or other intermediaries) .

5 The discount referred to in point 4 is 3%, 5 % or 7 % for ‘Geovita Bravo’ Card depending on the discount threshold obtained by the guest, in accordance with point 9 of the Regulation . For ‘Geovita Bravo BIS’ Card the discount is fixed and it is 3%.

6 Obtaining discount thresholds of 5 % or 7% is determined by total gross expenditure in Geovita and it is calculated from the moment of entering the ‘Geovita Bravo’ programme. A guest is entitled to these discounts, which are determined by the Threshold Discount System, after 30 days from the end of his stay , during which each threshold of the Threshold Discount System has been exceeded.

7 Current regular Geovita guests, having a Loyalty Card, retain the last assigned level of discount. The guests automatically become participants in the new ‘Geovita Bravo’ Discount System and they are given a bonus with a starting amount for each of the thresholds of the Threshold Discount System (5000 PLN / 7000 PLN ) .

8 Current Geovita guests with certificate C, are automatically given with 3 % discount and the ‘Geovita Bravo BIS’ Card with 3 % discount, upon the entry into force of ‘Geovita Bravo’ programme

9 The thresholds of the ‘Geovita Bravo’ Threshold Discount System are the following:
– 1st threshold – calculated from the next stay after receiving the card – 3 % discount
– 2nd threshold- 5,000.00 PLN / gross – 5% discount
– 3rd threshold – 7,000.00 PLN / gross – 7 % discount

10 The guests with a 7% discount, for each 5000 PLN / gross spent in a calendar year in Geovita in the next year receive a voucher for the amount of 100 PLN for the purchase of tourist services in one of the Geovita Centres / Hotels to be used by the end of December in the year of receipt .

11 ‘Geovita Bravo’ Card Entitlements: the discount is entitled to the card holder, as well as his family (husband / wife and dependent children ), or his accompanying person. The expenditures made by means of the ‘Geovita Bravo’ Card sum up on the holder account.

12 Each participant in the ‘Geovita Bravo’ Discount System is given the main Card (the A series) and additional ‘Geovita Bravo BIS’ Card (the B series), with a fixed discount of 3% , which can be shared with other individuals . The expenditures made with the use of ‘Geovita Bravo BIS’ Card do not sum up with the expenditures of the main ‘Geovita Bravo’ Card. The holder of the ‘Geovita Bravo’ Card for each 5,000 PLN/gross spent in a calendar year in Geovita with the use of ‘Geovita Bravo BIS’ Card is given an additional discount in the amount of 100 PLN for the purchase of tourist services in one of the Geovita Resorts / Hotels for use by the end of December in the year of receipt .

13 Each ‘Geovita Bravo’ Card of the Geovita Discount System has its own individual number.

14 The numbering of the ‘Geovita Bravo’ Card starts with the letter A and the ‘Geovita Bravo BIS’ Card starts with the letter B.

15 The holder of the ‘Geovita Bravo BIS’ Card’ will receive the discount on a given tourist service on condition of showing the Card to the Geovita employee in order of verification.

16 Discounts associated with the ‘Geovita Bravo’ Discount System do not sum up with other discounts , promotions, discount rates offered by Geovita, unless otherwise stated in a given offer .

17 The ‘Geovita Bravo’ Card is valid for the duration of the ‘Geovita Bravo’ programme .

18 Damaged or lost card shall be exchanged free of charge at a written request of the guest to whom the Card was given.

19 Cards providing guests with the eligibility for discounts are given by Geovita Sales and Marketing Office in Warsaw and objects belonging to the Geovita SA

20 Registering and processing guest data is an essential condition for the functioning of the ‘Geovita Bravo’ Loyalty Card System. In order to receive the card, it is necessary for the guest to express his written consent for putting his data in Geovita database and its processing only by Geovita for the purposes of direct marketing of Geovita SA products or services, in accordance with the Act of 29.08.97 on Protection of Personal Data. (Dz.U. [Journal of Laws] 2002 No. 101, item . 926 1 point . 5 as amended ) .

21 Geovita reserves the right to change the Regulation. Programme participants will be informed about changes or modifications in the Regulation. Information about any changes to the Regulation will also be available on www.geovita.pl and all Geovita centres .

22 The guest has the right to withdraw from the programme at any time upon the written request sent to the Sales and Marketing Office by e-mail (e- mail: marketing@geovita.pl ) , fax ( fax. 22 583-52-22 ) or post ( Geovita S.A. Barska 28/30 , 02-315 Warsaw) .

23 This Regulation applies on 15.12.2013r .