Hotel Bukowy Dworek - noclegi w Łagowie Lubuskim - Geovita

Hotel Bukowy Dworek***

Łagów Lubuski, Gronów 23, 66-220 Łagów Lubuski
od 80

Berlin – 140 km

Gronów – 0,5 km

Świebodzin – 20 km

Check in  14.00, check out 12.00

We speak German

Close to recreational touristic tracks


Swimming pool, sauna

Close to Germany border

We accept credit cards

pets allowed

a choose of diets

We speak English

Parking monitored

Bukowy Dworek Hotel is situated by Świecko-Poznań route and it is surrounded by forests and lakes located in the area of Łagów, which is the heart of beautiful Lubusz Land. For lovers of water sports there are numerous attractions on two lakes Łagowskie and Trześniowskie which offer kayaks, sailboats, pedal boats. In the Łagów landscape park there are biking and hiking trails, so everyone can spend time in close contact with nature.

Łagów Lubuski

Łagowski landscape park is a perfect place for walks, fishing, peace and rest. Here you can indulge in the pleasure of sailing and find peace in the midst of the trees.

Castle of Knights of the Order of St John of Jerusalem – built in the fourteenth century by the Knights, consists of four two-storey wings which form a renaissance courtyard.

Part of the castle is a towering fortified tower which is an attractive viewing point. In the castle there is a hotel, a restaurant, a cafe and a representative Knights’ Hall.

Zielona Góra
Lubusz Land Museum – one of the oldest and most important museums in the region.

Cistercian Monastery – Cistercian monastery from the thirteenth and fourteenth century, surrounded by beautiful gardens.

Lubusz Military Museum – the only historical-military museum in the middle part of the
Odra river and in fact one of the largest museum of this type in Poland. There are more than 5 thousand exhibits, among others, aircraft and military helicopters.

Międzyrzecki fortified area is a huge system of German fortifications, built in the thirties of the twentieth century, there are more than 30 km of underground corridors.

Hotel Bukowy Dworek***

Łagów Lubuski, Gronów 23, 66-220 Łagów Lubuski

tel./fax +48 68 341 20 88 (recepcja)

tel. kom. + 48 502 609 451 (recepcja)

tel. kom. +48 691 517 223 (marketing)



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